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The Site has been updated to WordPress 3.8! This brings new features, including the twenty fourteen theme. Unfortunately our current theme (sixteen) is much more suitable, so it won’t be used. In addition to this I’ve been hard at work at the new navigational systems and mobile site which provide a unique experience. It would appear that windows phones are unable to render the theme though so I’ll have a chat to wordpress about that, it does however view perfectly on both Android and Apple devices including iPhones, iPods and iPads. This week (14th of December 2013) there will be no new podcast, due to Christmas preparations for the team. We’ll try and get one out before Christmas!

Here is the current changelog for the site

  • Updated site to wordpress 3.8
  • Added About pages to each of the Prototronic Team
  • Added Multiple Menus
  • Updated the slider
  • Added Mobile site through WP-Touch
  • Optimised themes
  • Added a new form for feedback and general contacting
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The Positive Prototronic Podcast Episode 2 : Scottish Song Challenge

Summary: Alex is joined by Elliott, Dan, Charlotte and honoured guest Jamie. We talk about the storm surge that happened this week, we have a weekly anecdote including spartans in the wardrobe. We created some Scottish songs using nothing but Audacity and our own voices. Plugins were allowed to be used

Items Talked about
Storm Surge
Games for PS3 and PS4
Air traffic control glitch UK
Temperature and Teleporters
Greek Dreams
Will it snow?
Where is the lid?
Honey will never go off?
Waggle Dance
Elliott’s story
Alex’s Death by finger Scenario
The Fruit Bowl Scenario
The Tray???!!
Cool Things you can do in google

Our Website:

Links we talked about (look at own risk):

Outro is ‘Crazy’ provided by Klaypex


Scottish Song Challenge 07/12/2013

We created some Scottish Songs! They are available for download here. The challenge this week was to make a Scottish Song using nothing but your own voice and audacity. The winner will be announced on next week’s podcast. You may click here to download the whole album or click on each song individually to hear it

Alex’s Song

Elliott’s Song

Dan’s Song

Jamie’s Song

Charlotte was unable to make a song due to hardware problems



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The Positive Prototronic Podcast Episode 1 : Eight people died by helicopter

Summary: The First episode of the Positive Prototronic podcast. Elliott is missing, so Dan, Charlotte and Alex are joined by a magical wizard. Covers the latest single by Klaypex ‘I Walk Alone’ as well as current information about what is happening in the world. With our guest this week, Jack!

Items talked about:
Eight people died by helicopter in pub in Glasgow
Outkast are regrouping
PS4 comes out and there are problems
Xbox One upgrade
How to access our website
A rare breed of people who don’t know where to put a memory stick
Predicting the future
Licking microphones
Jizz Monkeys
Daft Punk
‘I walk alone’ by Klaypex

Our Website:

‘I walk alone’ By Klaypex
Outro: ‘Crazy’ By Klaypex

For music by Klaypex, please visit their website